Artist Statement


The focus of my artistic activity is in landscapes, both urban and natural, both moving and static. I draw inspiration from these environments and attempt to represent them within my work.

As an artist I feel that many elements of our surroundings are overlooked and often ignored; from telegraph wires to derelict buildings, from engine parts and old machines in scrapyards to forgotten spaces beneath motorways and the ‘edgelands’ of our cities. I am inspired by forgotten and lost things and how I can give them a new context or meaning by utilizing and combining them within an artwork. It is my intention as an artist to represent these things through various mediums and bring attention to them.

I am also inspired by the idea that art, like life, can be in transition and constantly shifting from one thing to the next. I attempt to represent the idea of movement and visual noise using techniques which explore virtual movement and also the movement of the observer or rather the participant in the artwork.

Every element found in my work will at one point have been part of a photograph I have taken. Each element is manipulated using software to achieve a simplified version. These elements are then combined to create new objects which somehow feel familiar yet unknown. The pieces are then reproduced, often printed, cut into strips or other forms and reassembled into unexpected compositions. 




Tom Tebby has been a practicing artist and graphic designer for the past 15 years. Based in Birmingham, England, he has made the city the inspiration and canvas for much of his work. Educated at Birmingham Institute of Art & Design at Birmingham City University (formerly UCE) in Furniture Design at BA level and Interior Design & IT at MA level the work he creates shows a distinct interest in structural forms and underpins his creative process.

The artwork consists of detailed photomontages rendered across wooden panels and canvases. Each one is constructed from dozens of original photographs, chopped up in to fragments and reproduced through painting, collage, etching and photocopying.

His work is often a distorted reflection of his surroundings; Inner-city sprawl, discarded objects and architectural foliage inspire many of his artworks. The familiar and mundane are transformed into unexpected environments spreading out like chaotic viruses. His work dwells in a post-apocalyptic world where dereliction and organic mass have fused.

Artistic influence ranges from early 20th Century Avant Garde artists working in photomontage such as Kurt Schwitters and Lazlo Moholy Nagy; cut paper and screen printed artworks of Paolozzi and Hamilton.; kinetic artworks by Yaacov Agam, Jean Tinguely and Alexander Calder; the architectural drawings of Lebbeus Woods and the futuristic landscapes from Archigram and Superstudio.

His artwork has been exhibited in various galleries and spaces nationally and internationally.  Besides four solo shows in recent years Tebby has exhibited at 'Stroke Urban Art Fair', Berlin and Munich; 'Go Get Your Shine Box', Brooklynite Gallery, New York and '0121' as part of Mutate Britain at Behind The Shutters Gallery in Shoredich, London. Recent engagements include a group show in Chicago at the Chicago Urban Art Society and three group exhibitions at Midlands Art Centre, Birmingham, the West Midland Open 2014 at Birmingham's Gas Hall and most recently Rational Grid; an exhibition looking at artists who use geometry and grid structures within their work.

Recent commissions have included Bullring Hoardings Project in Birmingham which the artist created a 5 metre wide piece of art. The artwork took architectural elements of Bullring Birmingham and reconstructed them around a commercial marketing campaign and visuals. In 2012 he created two pieces of artwork for the 48SHEET project in Birmingham. A project that turned 100 billboards around the city into artists’ canvases courtesy of JC Decaux and Clearlight. For this project he created a pair of 2D kinetic artworks; one 12 metres long the other 6 metres long, which were displayed in Birmingham City Centre. In late 2012 he was commissioned by Birmingham Chamber of Commerce to create a sculpture to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the chamber. This project had the involvement and expertise of ACME Whistles based in Birmingham. The sculpture was unveiled in April 2013 at the Chamber’s annual dinner and subsequently exhibited at the Birmingham Made Me Design Expo.




Biographical Details

  • 1973            Born London
  • 1991-92       Art Foundation; East Warwickshire College, Rugby
  • 1992-96       BA (Hons) Furniture Design; Birmingham City University (BCU)
  • 1997-99       MA Interior Design & information Technology; BCU
  • 1997-           Freelance Creative Services; Design Consultancy, Graphic Design, Web Design
  • 2000-14       Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Lecturer, Technical Demonstrator, BCU
  • 2006-           Actively practicing as an Artist
  • 2014-           Tutor at Birmingham School of Architecture and Design, Birmingham City University


  • 2017             The King and I, &Model Gallery, Leeds
  • 2016             Flockomania 2, Parkside Gallery, Eastside, Birmingham
  • 2015             Textiles &, Parkside Gallery, Eastside, Birmingham
  • 2015             Rational Grid, Lakeside Gallery, Custard Factory, Birmingham
  • 2014             West Midlands Open 2014, Gas Hall (BMAG) Birmingham 
  • 2013             Look With All Your Eyes, MAC Birmingham
  • 2013             Flipside: Two Experiences, One Space. MAC Birmingham
  • 2013             Open Project, Midland Arts Centre, Birmingham
  • 2013             Medley, Chicago Urban Art Society, Chicago
  • 2012             Stroke Urban Art Fair, Berlin (represented by Battalion, Amsterdam)
  • 2012             Stroke Urban Art Fair, Munich (represented by Battalion, Amsterdam)
  • 2012             Tampourine, The Mailbox, Birmingham
  • 2012             48SHEET, The Mailbox, Birmingham
  • 2011             Photomontages, Birmingham City University (solo)
  • 2011             Stroke Urban Art Fair, Berlin  (represented by Intoxicated Demons, Berlin)
  • 2011             Chop, We Are Birmingham Gallery, Birmingham (solo)
  • 2011             Stroke Urban Art Fair, Munich (represented by Intoxicated Demons, Berlin)
  • 2010             Wolverhampton Open Exhibition, Volte Gallery, Wolverhampton
  • 2010             Plimsoul Paste-Up Installation, Birmingham Institute of Art & Design (solo)
  • 2010             Art in the Kanteen, K-West Hotel, London
  • 2010             Created in Birmingham, Bullring, Birmingham
  • 2009             Go Get Your Shine Box, Brooklynite Gallery, New York
  • 2009             Linesteppers, Wild Building, Digbeth, Birmingham
  • 2008             0121 (part of Mutate Britain), Behind The Shutters Gallery, Shoreditch, London
  • 2008             Shambala Art Exhibition, Behind The Shutters Gallery, Shoreditch, London
  • 2008             Paper Market, Jibbering Art Gallery, Birmingham
  • 2007             Tebby Vs Plimsoul, Jibbering Art Gallery, Birmingham (solo)

Commissions / competitions

  • 2011              Journey To The Centre, Public Art Commission; Bullring Birmingham
  • 2012              48 SHEET, 2 Public Art Commissions; EC Arts, Birmingham
  • 2012              48 SHEET, Artwork for EC Arts Project Space; The Mailbox, Birmingham
  • 2012              Wall Art Project, Public Art Commission, Colmore Business District, Birmingham (shortlisted)
  • 2013              200th Anniversary Sculpture; Birmingham Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with ACME Whistles
  • 2015              Film Bites, Film Soundtrack; Sellotape Cinema, Birmingham
  • 2015              Moog Sound Lab residency; Supersonic Festival / Birmingham City University

Consultancy, Professional Practice, Public Events and other activities

  • 2007 - 09      Curatorial Practice; Jibbering Arts, Birmingham
  • 2011              Presentation/Pecha Kucha about artistic practice; Material Lab Roadshow, The Mailbox Birmingham
  • 2012              BBC RadioWM interview about artistic practice and 48SHEET Project
  • 2012              Live Drawing events at Flatpack Festival and The RSA
  • 2012              Design Consultant/web management; Birmingham Made Me Design Expo 2012
  • 2013              Design Consultant/web management; Birmingham Made Me Design Expo 2013

Publications and other media

  • 2000-             Personal website running for 15 years plus various social media and portfolio websites.
  • 2007-             Work featured on various creative websites and blogs including Tumblr, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter
  • 2009              VNA Magazine; feature on Street Art in Birmingham
  • 2010              An Endless Supply 14; featured artwork
  • 2011              [K] Work in Process; self-published and printed by Blurb, 80pp
  • 2012              Constructions; self-published and printed artist’s book, 160pp
  • 2012              48SHEET Exhibition catalogue
  • 2012              48SHEET Project, various print and online publications featuring photos of commissioned artwork
  • 2013              Chamberlink; Front cover and feature on sculpture for Birmingham Chamber of Commerce sculpture
  • 2013              Birmingham Post; article on Birmingham Chamber of Commerce sculpture

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